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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't give up


Dear Honey...
i know u are strong girl..
u has passed ur critical zone..
i know u can through all tiz..
i know dear sis...
now we are waiting u to wake up..
we will pray for u sis...
we will..
coz we love u so0o much..
i hope u can hear what my heart said..
i really miss u n need u sis..
i also love u..!!
u are my cute sis..
my lovely sis..
u know what...??
i miss our memory..
u still remember..??
we play T/D n u asked me to use monkey as my pp..
it's funny rite..??
we always naughty n fight each other..
sorry coz i always bullying u..
i want to fly wif u to the m0on..
i want to dance wif u..khaifa sis n unnie..
i want to hug n kiss u..
i miss everything that i did wif u bef0re..
it's the bez mem0ry ever..
please fighting nae..
i will wait for u..
i always here for u if u need me..
FIGHTING sis..!!!
*hug n kiss u*

Smile. Let everyone know that today you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday

2 pEng0mEN tErba!K:

sue perbs.. said...

nice.. mcm lirik lgu je? btul ke?

Pr!ncEss said...

ney sume luahan aty sy tuk my beloved sister..
blh bt lirik lagu ke.?? hehe